The ProHammer baseball training bat is designed for use by advanced players and is being tested and used by
selected professional and Division 1 power hitters. While it is true that all game bats have a cylindrical hitting surface with potentially unlimited points of contact, the reality is that the best pro hitters
consistently make ball contact along the narrow “edge grain” area of the barrel. They do this for two important reasons:
1) The edge grain represents the strongest area of a wood bat. Ball contact along the edge grain results in more hits and fewer brok8-12-2015 15-29-34en bats.
2) More power and better ball control. Pro hitters train their wrists to bring the edge grain to the baseball regardless of where in the strike zone the ball
is. Power, bat speed, and ball control diminish quickly as the wrists “roll” the edge grain away from contact.
The ProHammer is configured to provide narrow contact surfaces, rapidly training the hitter to not “roll” his wrists through the hitting zone. The narrow
contact surfaces have a diameter, length, and curvature that is otherwise identical to a conventional wood bat…only the portion you don’t need has
been removed.