Power Drive – Training Aid From the trainers at Winning Pitchers Baseball Academy comes the functional and successful hitting training aid
to increase hitter’s skills. The Hitters Power Drive joins the US Patent – Pitchers Power Drive “CLICK” feedback training aid. Developed from doing thousands of lessons at their academy…the trainers again invent a tool that truly works in teaching the proper mechanics to increase player’s skills and performance. In January the Hitters Power Drive was awarded “Best of Show” for 2011
baseball innovation by Collegiate Baseball Magazine at the (ABCA) American Baseball Coaches Associations convention. The Hitters Power Drive joins the Pitchers Power Drive – awarded in 2009 “Best of Show” by  Collegiate Baseball. The Pitchers Power Drive is now used by over 175 colleges and 9 professional teams and growing monthly. With trainers, professional and collegiate coaches testing and developing The Hitters Power Drive it is the “Training Choice of Professional and Collegiate Hitters”