Hit Zone

Baseball Practice Is Fun Again!!
The Hit Zone air powered practice tee is an incredible training tool for baseball & Tee ball.
Kids feel they “graduated” from the Tee after Tee ball, yet even the pros practice their swing on a
tee daily. The new tee-less design eliminates the anxiety a lot of players have when it comes to hitting on a traditional tee. They no
longer have to worry about hitting the tee and knocking it over. Our system utilizes a special sleeve on which the ball hovers
above. If you hit the sleeve – no big deal – your bat swings right through it and the sleeve pops right back up! You can also

practice solo, as you do not need a pitcher. The Hit Zone air powered batting tee is fun and challenging! The use of different types of balls and changing the way you
put the ball on the Hit Zone practice tee results in giving the batter a number of different looks. We have coaches who use colored “jump house” balls on the Hit Zone air tee and they are
able to put 2 different colors on at once. They then tell the batter to hit one of the 2 colors. It’s a great drill to keep the player focused!