Internationale tournament “Battle of the Birds” 2021


You all know ….The smell of grass, the yellow/orange color of gravel, sun in your face, the sound of a bat hitting the ball, smiling faces and different languages around you. 

Yes……It’s again that time of year:

We hope to organizing our U16 & U18 International Youth Baseball Tournament.


Every year all ready top-level teams from all over Europe, are also coming to HUIZEN (NH) for our tournament, but also Dutch A class teams, the UYBE travelteam and the hosting teams of bsc Zuidvogels will be present. 

It will be an honor if your U16 & or U18 team would be playing baseball on our 2020 edition of the Battle of the Birds!

The battle will be played over three days. In our info package, we have made the widest possible range of accommodation for you and your team (parents en fans). From simple to luxurious, from minimal costs to more costs. To be filled in completely according to your own choice. 

So for example; there are (free) camping options for players and staff on our Ballpark.

There will be a BBQ in the late afternoon on Saturday and in the evening a pleasant evening for all players, coaches, parents, fans in the canteen on the ball park etc.. And you will play top-level games in our tournament!

We look forward to welcome your U16 & or U18 team at the Battle of the Birds in the Netherlands.

Interested after reading this challenge? Please mail us if you have any questions or to recieve the tournament info package.

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